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maumau is a structure that focuses on the artist as a subject. our aim is to build and support new avenues for the ongoing creation of uncensored, unique art. for this purpose, since 2012, we've prioritised the need for independence in artistic production.  

we establish a transparent, horizontal relationship between the artist, maumau, and the art lover/collector. our approach is innovative, active in areas like artist collaborations, independent artist platforms, and exhibitions or projects.


develops effective international and national partnerships with the right stakeholders.  

facilitates art production through innovative projects.  

conducts value analyses for art productions with a holistic perspective.  

closely monitors the art market in Turkey and globally, understanding needs and providing suitable solutions.  

analyses both the artist and their work as a whole, connecting them with the right audience via appropriate platforms.  

researches and develops international collaborations.  

sesigns and oversees artist programmes.  

organises exhibitions, events, and meetings.  

writes and shares meaningful stories, fueled by the excitement and depth that comes from witnessing artists' creations.

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