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can ünlü

Completing his education at Dokuz Eylül University's Faculty of Fine Arts in the Sculpture Department's Free Expression Workshop, Can Ünlü graduated in 2021. Throughout his time at university, Ünlü took part in 14 group exhibitions, honing his skills particularly in video art, installation, and mixed-media compositions, with a focus on photographic arrangements. At a pivotal moment in 2021, Ünlü approached Endre Tot, an iconic figure in the Fluxus movement, with a proposal for collaborative work. Intrigued by the 26-year-old artist's portfolio, the 83-year-old master agreed to collaborate, culminating in their participation in the 2nd Olympos Exhibitions, curated by Taner Ceylan.

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“When I saw Endre Tot's work titled "Very Special Drawings" from the Fluxus movement, I was very surprised. They looked so much like some of the photos I had been taking for a long time that, while looking at the Fluxus book, it felt as if my photographs suddenly appeared next to the drawings. However, what surprised me even more was that the writings in Tot's drawing conceptually pointed exactly to what I wanted to convey. As a result, it felt like my photos traveled back in time, discovering their previous existence and progressing in their journey of self-discovery. Thus, when brought together, incomprehensible personalities began to emerge."

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