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maumau was founded in 2012 as an artist programme housed in a Sözcük space in Çukurcuma.


The scarcity of independent artists' programmes in Turkey, coupled with a pressing need for such initiatives, served as the catalysts for maumau's formation. Over the years, maumau has welcomed more than one hundred artists from all over the world, and organised more than forty exhibitions.

maumau, which has always welcomed independent artists, prioritises fostering meaningful collaborations between artists and organising both solo and group exhibitions. Over time, maumau has cultivated its own dedicated audience spanning visual arts, cinema, and literature. The organization centers on themes such as community, collaboration, and the freedom of artistic production. Sine Ergün, the founder of Maumau, is joined by Atalay Yavuz, Naz Cuguoğlu, and Nilay Dursun as directors. In 2016, Maumau transitioned into a location-independent entity, continuing its work on a project-based model.

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