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Operating under the pseudonym 'cins' for both exhibitions and artistic creations, he developed a foundational background in graffiti and visual arts, initially cultivated during his high school years. His oeuvre has further evolved through studies in graphic design and a postgraduate education in visual communication design.


In his works, he draws influence from an eclectic mix of early childhood fascinations with cartoon characters, initial encounters with graffiti culture, and elements of pop-art and surrealism. In his works, which are mostly based on a graphic visual language, he uses many mediums and techniques, including city walls. He communicates through what he describes as 'organic' forms—ongoing, self-evolving constructs.


These forms are structures that sometimes form a whole, sometimes separated into parts independent from one other. With these forms evocative of flesh and bone, he aims to evoke a sensation that, while foreign, is not entirely alien to us. He seeks to present sometimes abstract, sometimes surreal stories and feelings based on this framework.

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