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ece eldek

Ece Eldek works across mediums like video, photography, installations, performance, and poetry, addressing topics ranging from political to psychosocial issues. Her art focuses on social, political, and cultural relationships and their overlapping mechanisms. Ece explores the various relationships that form subjective experiences and reflects on how language intersects with text, sculpture, and space. Her aim is to create a language grounded in installation and poetry, using both to add a performative element to her work.


She has taken part in exhibitions and biennials both locally and internationally. Her poetry is published in books such as "Ayık Kayık", "Ma ma ma", and "Mânâ (Nod Yayınları)". Beyond her artistic practice, Ece co-founded the “TOZ Artist Run Space” and “Her Hâl” art initiatives. She's also a founding editor of “Moero,” a magazine founded in 2020 which showcases the writing of female poets.

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