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faruk duman

Born in 1974 in Ardahan, Faruk Duman studied librarianship at the Faculty of Language and History-Geography. He published his first book of short stories, Seslerde Başka Sesler, in 1998, while he was still a student. This was followed by Hunting Returns (2000 Sait Faik Story Prize), The Book of Pomegranates, The Horseman of Sorrow, Sencer and Yusufçuk, Baykuş Virane Sever and Captain Kanca'nın Bir Macerası and Other New Stories. His first novel Pîrî was published in 2004. Kırk published the novels The History of Fig (Yunus Nadi Novel Prize, 2011), And a Pars Disappears with Sadness, Night Music for Dogs (2014 World Book Book Book of the Year Award, 2014 Necati Cumalı Literature Award), Sus Barbatus! (2018 Orhan Kemal Novel Prize, 2018 Cevdet Kudret Literature Award). He has also written essays and children's books.


In addition to writing, Duman has a long-standing interest in visual arts. He has created drawing books, as well as pastel and acrylic paintings, and has illustrated stories published in Öykü Newspaper. In February 2021, he exhibited the pastel paintings he made for his novel Sus Barbatus! at Bomontiada together with Selin Saygılı's drawings for the book. His painting and writing have always had a reciprocal, enriching influence, and Duman's painting practice has given speed and vigour to his writing. The Sus Barbatus pastels contain amusing scenes based on the images of pigs that the author jotted down in his sketchbooks during the seven years he spent completing the novel. His ongoing "Fish Notebook" series consists of vibrant story fragments that he has been chronicling in notebooks for several years. The work, and therefore the colourful pastels, is an ongoing project of the artist, humorously narrating the transformation experienced by the fish.

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