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sinejan buchina

Sinejan Buchina, who reinterprets geographical borders based on topographic and political maps, takes issues such as physical decay, destruction and transformation as her axis. The artist, who uses the rust she produces in her studio both metaphorically and physically in her works, carries the dilemmas in the representation of geographies that have not actually been charted in the maps to her works.   


In her recent series, "Suul," she employs charcoal drawings to interrogate the blurred lines between reality and illusion in "abandoned (ghost) cities" like Abkhazia, which are often romanticized in media through the aesthetic of atmospheric video games.   


After relocating to New York in 2014, Buchina earned her MA in Art History from The City College of New York University. She has participated in two solo exhibitions at Synesthesia (NY) and Amos Eno Gallery (NY) and many group exhibitions such as The Every Women Biennial (NY) and La Mama la Galleria (NY). She participated in the residency programme at the Trestle Critical Feedback Program in New York, and in 2012 she took part in the guest curator programme at the Node Center in Berlin.


The artist lives and works in New York and London.

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