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ekin kano

After graduating from Yıldız Technical University Department of Photography and Video, Ekin Kano studied at the Royal Academy of Arts in Den Haag Autonom studio as an exchange student. She completed her master's degree in Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design programme at Sabancı University.

The quest to reveal the ambiguity of the boundaries between human and non-human is the main axis of Ekin Kano's work. Depicting the human body as an undefined and limitless structure, Kano's paintings suggest alternative material possibilities for existence. Drawing inspiration from evolutionary theory, natural history, and medical illustrations, Kano explores limitless potentialities for embodying vitality through non-human bodily shapes she creates. These organisms appear lively yet possess the stillness of a rock, existing in enigmatic forms that oscillate between living and non-living. Kano situates these unbounded, stateless entities in expansive, timeless settings, and employs a mix of industrial and traditional materials in her painting process.


Kano's works have been exhibited in group exhibitions in Istanbul, Los Angeles, Zurich, Paris, Belgrade and Wintherthur and in two solo exhibitions in Istanbul.

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